Nate Walpole

Intelligence, Strength and Appeal

Intelligence, Strength and Appeal: Women’s Representation In Comic Books is an exploration of the portrayal of women in comic book visuals, through illustration. Through feminist inquiry and scrutiny of the comic book industry’s representation of women, I uncover ways a man can be an ally to women when creating and consuming comic book material. This paper seeks to challenge men to rethink their positions and convictions on women characters and makes the case for men to create space for women in the industry.

Nate Walpole received his MFA in Emergent Media in August of 2020. As a veteran video game animator and an Associate Professor of Game Art and Animation at Champlain College, he chooses to lead by example, through projects that inspire and stir audience reflection. As an amateur comic book illustrator and writer, Nate will have more published work out in 2021, with two original independent one-shots featuring Doe and Ricochet, two leading women characters developed in part by his MFA thesis exploration. You can find Nate online under the gamertag and moniker @bentllama