Anastasia Coen


Artificial is a video project focused on my early stages of transition, as they intersected with the difficulties of the beginning of the quarantine. Working with deepfakes to create an artificial face over my own, this work tries to examine a sudden focus on digital presence as it relates to my shifting physical and emotional identity. It seeks to inform a more general audience about my own, and some common struggles in transition.

Anastasia Coen is currently working on her MS in Emergent Media. She commonly works with themes of identity, and digitality. Some of her recent projects have had a focus on developing and sharing other artists’ work. She has previously curated a gallery of her peers’ work, and more recently has worked to form a small artist collective for LGBTQIA+ individuals to share, collaborate, and support each other’s creative pursuits. Her other creative projects share this focus on uplifting and sharing the creativity of artists whose voices are being stifled.