Holly Gibbs

Ambiguous Hybrids

It is tempting to try to fit the world into archetypal boxes. Labels can provide a sense of control and understanding, but words and categories fail us so often. My illustrations aim to reside in the spaces between emotional and rational; serious and playful; male and female; anxious and joyous; magic and science; digital and analog. They are ambivalent, ambiguous hybrids, just like me. 

I prefer to deal with my various everyday joys, triumphs, struggles, and anxieties privately and internally whenever possible. I keep to myself most of the time. Illustration is the one place where I intentionally externalize my innermost realms. My work is about moments of childlike wonder confronting the fear and anxiety brought on by the modern digital/information age. A self-conscious frog wizard who never gives up on magic, an androgynous doe who grew antlers out of spite, several screaming beasts, placid dragons, and a contemplative aardvark all make their appearances. They’re manifestations of a post-digital existence under the crushing omnipresence of modern communication technologies. 

Or, maybe they’re just silly little animals.